Player Level Ratings

To give us an idea of your level and help us better match you up with other similar skilled padel opponents, please use the rating levels below, when sending us an enquiry.

Player Level Ratings

Level Summary Description
1 Newcomer Never held a racket
2 Beginner Learning the basics of padel
3 Beginner Advanced
Know the basics of the game but remain inconsistent with ground strokes and having trouble with bounces of the wall
4 Recreational Player
Played for a while and know the basics well. Can pick up the pace of the game, but not fully consistent yet.
5 Average
Have been playing for a couple of years, you get the ball over the net majority of the time and with reasonable control.
6 Average Advanced
Like Level 5, but with a better smash. You are more consistent and more in control.
7 Experienced
Can defend and turn the game against the opponent. Can maintain pressure on the opponent with volleys and build points and hit winners. In addition to matches, you have probably started with specific padel exercises
8 Skilled
You master all the technical and tactical parts of the game. Can read the game and use different tactical elements depending on the opponents. You are probably among the best players in your club and practice padel regularly, probably with a coach.
9 Expert
Belongs to the absolute best and masters at the game at the highest level and could play national competitions with good results.
10 Professional
You can qualify and compete against Fernando Belasteguin, Paquito Navarro or someone similar 🙂

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